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Thank you so much for a very enjoyable weekend.  Murphy took copies of the attached pictures to school today to brag on his hunting prowess.  He is one very happy young man.  And as you know getting young people hooked on hunting is the best way to insure the future of our sport and traditions.  Murphy is very fond of saying that hunting is a tradition in our family.

On the way home Murphy asked if we could PLEASE go back to Burlington Ranch next year, for his last junior hunt.  I assured him that I would work with you to see if we couldn’t make that happen.... I have also talked up my wife, Jeanne Ann, and hopefully she and I will come out for a buck hunt....

Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality, and of course, the shooting stick.

Best regards,
Larry Thibodeau"

"Hi Mark, just wanted to get back to you and let you know we had a great time. Tough weather though. It blew hard and rained several days. Then we had a clear day and thats when I shot my buck. He had a 20 inch outside spread and one split eyeguard which is cool. Nice areas. It was great as it was just my Dad and I at the farm. We would like to come back next year, but I want to talk with you about locking in some area just for ourselves if possible. It would be during the last week of late hunt specifically."

- Mike Davison

"I saw a bunch of legal deer but passed on all. Had a nice 4 point come to the blind I set up, on top of the hill the first morning, passed him up thinking there would be bigger. I saw one MONSTER at dusk. I would guess he would score in the 180 range, just huge. I think it was the big 6x6 that was there all last year. I also saw a real good buck while in the blind, but he was going through the thick stuff and never could make out what he was or even take a shot, I saw his horns for a split second and he was gone. Great hunt for me though, I saw a ton of deer."

- Christopher Ferrieri

"Mark and Allyson, a couple of pics from my daughter's hunt on your ranch. Looking forward to seeing you Friday. Thanks for a great hunt." - Michael Ritter



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