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Burlington Ranch Gun Dog Training

Burlington Ranch currently has eight technical training ponds designed specifically for basic and advanced water work. The Ranch also offers great cover and manicured marking fields. On site, Burlington Ranch has a new indoor/outdoor 30-run kennel with clubhouse, bird pens, and staff for your dog's comfort, safety, and training.

Burlington Ranch Head Start Program (HSP)

The first four months of your dog’s life are critical to follow on training.

At the Burlington Ranch we offer a Puppy Head Start training program.  As soon as your dog arrives at your home the training to become a confident hunting dog should begin.  We can start that process for you.  Your pup will be socialized to the following situations.  Intro to the crate - House breaking – Playing with kids and adults – leashed walks - travel in a car – intro to cover – intro to water – intro to birds – intro to decoys on land, intro to a boat, etc.   Please feel free to contact us if you are planning follow-on gundog training for your pup.  Our program might just be the head start that your dog needs.
When your Dog arrives, we introduce your dog to the kennel environment with a clean and safe home.  Once settled in, we conduct a two week pre-evaluation phase to evaluate your dog’s current abilities.  Each dog comes to us with a different background and training requirement.  We base our program on phases: Basic–Intermediate-Advanced.  In layman’s terms, Junior hunter, Senior hunter and Master hunter.  Our program is also based on the understanding that your dog has been properly socialized as mention above.  Dogs that have not been properly socialized may require more time in training.

Training Phases are broken down in the following manner.  The Basic Phases will normally take 3-4 months of training.  Remember all dogs are different.

Flushing or Pointing dog training: $650 per month. Includes training, birds, food, care and kenneling. Vet fees, if required, are at the cost of owner.

Burlington Ranch Flushing Dog/Retriever Basic Phase

Winning RibbonsPhase I:
Basic Obedience:  (Yard work) Sit – Heel – Come in – Sit on the whistle

During the basic phase we introduce your Gundog to birds, Gun fire, water and the upland fields.  Dogs must enjoy their job to be successful.

Phase II:  E-Collar conditioning.

Phase III:  Trained Retrieve – Hold – Ear Pinch – Walking fetch – Stick fetch – Basic single retrieves.

Phase IIII:  Lead steady – Walking singles – Yard multiples

Ellie in Montana 2009Field work: 

  • Singles off multiple guns
  • follow the gun – thru decoys – land – water – boat work – working in and out of land blinds and field blinds.
  • Quartering in the field - working in and out of cover.

Burlington Ranch Pointing Dog Training

Phase I:  Basic Obedience (Yard work)
Chain gang – intro to the lead – come in to voice – heel to voice - pressure points - whoa – whoa post – intro to the check cord.    

During the basic phase we also introduce your Gundog to birds, gunfire, water and the upland fields.  Dogs must enjoy their job to be successful.

Phase II:  E collar conditioning – on lead – Whoa – Whoa post - Walking Whoa on lead – intro to birds – intro to honor –

Phase III:  Field work – check cord in the field – steadying on birds – E collar conditioning – honoring – quartering the field - working the cover

Phase IIII:  Trained Retrieve

Intermediate:  Steadying on birds – delivery to hand – honoring - walking heel – quartering – basic handling drills

Finished/Advanced:  Steadying to wing and shot – deliver to hand – Honor – advanced handling in the field.

Note:   Intermediate and Advanced phases continue beyond the 3-4 month program.



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